NR Cooling Services’ new course

NR Cooling Services’ new course

 “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” This is certainly true for NR Cooling Services. The company has experienced in the last period of more than 45 years of existence difficult times, but always has weathered the storm. In fact, the tough times have always served as a wake-up call. “When you face stormy weather, you have to change course. Staying on track makes no sense in those cases,” notes Johan Vermoen, operational manager at NR Cooling Services. The company sought and found a new course. “It’s all about delivering a clear added value.”

NR Cooling Services decided to go back to the basics of entrepreneurship. Vermoen: “As a company you want to provide the customers with the services that you have relieved the customers with for years, to achieve the goal we are actively working to inform the customers about NR Cooling 2.0: ‘your problem, our concern.’ Offering quality and flexibility and meeting agreements. With this insight you approach the product differently and customers simply want to be unburdened.”

Added value

When asked what the objectives in shipbuilding and shipping are, Vermoen replies: “We want to offer complete turnkey projects in new builds, but you also see a lot of activity in the refits market, in which we can add value to shipyards, shipping companies and other partners in shipbuilding. Delivering added value means more than just providing the ship with good climate control and perfect cooling. If you can work efficiently – so faster and with less material – you can save time and money, which yields added value.”

According to technical development engineer and project manager Ronald van Popering, that is just the beginning. “We are not the only company that installs marine components. Technology and innovation come together to relieve customers of strict regulations.

You do not build a ship alone, you do that together, from request to delivery with only one goal, unburdening the customer and providing a good quality price ratio.”


The Harbor and Voyage service is new for the air conditioning and cooling installations, NR Cooling Services offers added value in this. Ships are built and then put into service, stagnation means decline, Vermoen: “After completion, we also offer our customers a tailor-made service contract. We do this by performing preventive maintenance and, in case of problems en route, by applying remote service. This is a piece of technology where our engineer can reset your system remotely to set the correct values in your system. If the problem is not resolved, we will schedule a time with you to come on board when the ship enters port. This way we can solve the problem on board.”

Skandi Vitoria

NR Cooling Services is currently working on a project for a Brazilian customer, the Skandi Vitoria. This is a ship built in 2010 and is 142 meters long. Vermoen: “Here we take care of the replacement of the chillers on board. It takes four of these on the ship, two for each side. These two are completely redundant. These are therefore completely used as a backup in case the other one breaks down. We work on this project with seven people; a project manager, a project engineer, four technicians and a commissioning engineer. We provide engineering, production and installation within 14 weeks. For the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) we use a unique test location, the only one in the Netherlands. Normally a customer comes over for the FAT, but is now done completely virtually. In this way we work safely and result-oriented in order to still be able to deliver to our customer what we promise.”

Experience, technology and expertise make NR Cooling Services 2.0 a reliable partner where quality always comes first.

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