Concrete cooling


Concrete cooling is a technique that reduces the temperature of poured concrete to a certain level. This process guarantees the quality of the concrete, and the construction can be continued smoothly. The importance of concrete cooling is high. Concrete plays a critical role in almost every construction process. Houses, bridges, dams – without concrete, these projects could never be realised.

Small amounts of concrete can be processed easily: mixing, pouring and waiting for the concrete to harden. If this process is applied in the same way to large quantities of concrete, this comes at the expense of quality. Heat is released during the hardening of concrete. If the temperature of the concrete becomes too high during curing, this leads to a brittle structure.

Concrete cooling is mainly used in parts of the world with a warm climate, in projects where large amounts of concrete are used. It is also used in projects where large temperature differences arise within the use of concrete in construction. If the concrete is cooled just before, during, or after pouring, good quality is ensured.

NR Cooling Services offers the right application for every project, which guarantees the quality of the concrete.

Applications in the field of concrete cooling

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